Are you looking for work as an English teacher on Okinawa?

Hi, my name is Ken Howells. I run Chit Chat English School. I cannot guarantee a position here, but even if there is nothing available here, I will be happy to send your resume or information along to other schools that might be looking for instructors. I am not sponsoring anyone at this time, so some kind of visa is needed (other than a visitor/tourist visa) for me to consider you.

If you have a resume ready, feel free to e-mail it to me. Just click on the e-mail link above on the left. If you wish to call, my phone numbers are:

Naha Office: (098) 835-4510
My Cell: 090-1942-9061 (AU in case you want to C-Mail me)

You may also first want to read through some of my thoughts about teaching here at Chit Chat (keep reading below).

What is Chit Chat like?

Chit Chat English School was started in 1997. Classes are usually scheduled between 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

The students range in ages from six years old to adults. There are classes at various levels of English proficiency. My goal is to get students to be confident enough to take chances in using English in order to improve their English communication abilities. I want classes at Chit Chat to incorporate all aspects of English, including culture (depending on the level of the class). Learning set phrases to just get by for a test or to use in certain situations is not really learning to communicate in English.

Some (obvious?) Points about Classes at CC

I feel that all classes are different and molded by the instructor and the students. For the most part, I like to give instructors freedom in conducting classes in their own way. However, I do have a few points concerning conducting classes at Chit Chat: